Convert your numeric IP Address to hostname

The fastest and simple way to create your own DNS record name.

Host to IP

What is DNS ? DNS stands for Domain Name Server. DNS itself is a system that changes your internet protocol address. Where an IP address is formed from several numbers. But with DNS. The series of IP addresses that you have is converted into a name.

What is the purpose of DNS? The purpose of DNS itself is to make it easier for you when you want to request information on a website IP address which is replaced with a domain name. Of course, the domain name will be much easier for you to remember than a series of numbers from the ip address. Therefore, by using EOS DNS, you can easily connect your domain name to the IP address you have. EOS DNS itself is a free service. You will not be charged a fee to be able to use this service. And also you can use the services of this EOS DNS to your heart's content.

Using the EOS DNS service is very easy. To be able to connect a domain name with an ip address on EOS DNS you only need a few steps. You only enter the hostname and ip address that you already have. Next, you can choose the available domain in the choose domain column. Finally, you can press the generate button.

After doing this, all you have to do is wait for the administrator to review your request. When it's finished, the administrator will immediately activate the DNS name you requested. After that, to make sure your DNS name is fully active. You can check the DNS check menu.

To be able to help the EOS DNS developers. You only need to share about EOS DNS to your social media.

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