Convert your numeric IP Address to hostname

The fastest and simple way to create your own DNS record name.

EOS DNS Features

Make your steps easier by using EOS DNS. EOS DNS is a service for changing your IP address which is in the form of a number to become a hostname.

Changing the IP address in the form of numbers to a hostname can make it easier for you in many ways. The most important thing is that it will be much easier for you to remember a name than a string of numbers.

This page is useful to assist you in ensuring that the DNS that you have previously created from EOS DNS is fully active.

Why EOS DNS Service ?

-We manage our own DNS Server : No third party. The existing DNS servers are directly managed by the EOS DNS Team.

- Each DNS recorded handled by 3 servers from EU, US, and ID (DNS Cluster) : The best available servers are used by EOS DNS

- We use caching method to speed up DNS query : You no longer need to waste too much time just converting numeric IP addresses to hostnames. Just wait a few moments. And the system work will be completed

- Fastest response time : With an existing server, you will get a very fast response time. We have the best service for that.

- We review manually each new record : Every new data, we manually review so that no errors occur.

Each DNS only valid for a month, to keep DNS stability and response speed. But one month is quite a long time. And you can also use it for free

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