Convert your numeric IP Address to hostname

The fastest and simple way to create your own DNS record name.

EOS DNS Features

Hostname is the name given to devices connected to the network. Matches the designation, hostname means labeling. Which makes it easier for us to remember or when calling our domain in the browser address bar.

The host name is also used to identify PC features. Unique host name. So each PC wants to have one name. And the same name cannot be used by another PC.

On the network. Host names generally represent ip addresses. Why is the ip address represented using the host name.

Because the IP address itself is an address that also represents a PC. Hostnames and IP addresses are generally in the form of a random number layer. And it is very difficult for us to memorize it.

That's what hostnames are used for, to identify computers or ip addresses. So that we can easily recognize the ip address.

However, sometimes for a job we also need to know the ip address of a hostname.

For this reason, EOS DNS will also provide you with a service to view the ip address of a hostname for free.

How do I use EOS DNS's Host to IP service? Using this service is very easy. All you do is enter the hostname into the form on the host to ip page and click the check button.

Within a few seconds the system will provide the ip address information associated with the hostname you entered earlier. You can use the information obtained from this feature for various needs of your job.

You can also use the host to ip service on the EOS DNS for free. You can use it at no cost. However, to help you simply share with your friends and relatives through the social media you have.

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